Surf Ninjas (1993)

The brothers Johnny and Adam and their friend Iggy are suddenly attacked by ninjas in their LA home. They’re saved by the martial arts master Zatch who reveals to them that Johnny is the righteous heir to the throne of the kingdom of Patusan. An adventurous journey begins to free the country from the grip of evil cyborg Ninjutsu master Chi.

Surf Ninjas has a vibe that could be completely irritating for adults because of its daft humor, and completely perfect for kids because of the same daft humor. What both age groups will enjoy is the action, of course, and Surf Ninjas fully delivers on that front. Surf Ninjas is a colorful and chaotic affair, nothing makes sense, and the movie is mostly alternating between Rob Schneider’s character Iggy cracking one terrible joke after another, and Johnny beating up enemy ninjas.

Leslie Nielsen is also part of the cast, and while his role is relatively small, his performance as clumsy master villain adds to the goofy charm of the movie. The main reason why Surf Ninjas is a good flick are the creative and awesome choreographed action scenes. There’s a couple of small skirmishes that among other things involve a skateboard creatively used as a weapon, pulling enemies noses with chopsticks, and a massive martial arts battle during the surf ninjas’ attack on Chi’s stronghold. The second half of the story also gets a proper adventure movie vibe, as the group of friends travels through beautiful tropical forests and mountains while assembling their army.

Surf Ninjas is a slightly demented feel-good romp from beginning to end.

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