The Horde (2016)

High-school teacher Selina takes her students on a field trip into a remote forest area. The group becomes the target of murderous inbred rednecks that dwell in the woods. The only hope for survival is Selina’s boyfriend John who happens to be an ex-Navy Seal.

The Horde starts off as your usual dull backwoods horror movie. But if you can make it past the first twenty cliché-soaked minutes you’ll be in for an entertaining action-horror crossover. The setup of the movie is a copycat of classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn and Inbred. It manages to put a slight spin on the familiar protocol, however, by adding an ex-special forces operative to the plot, which leads to a plethora of violent confrontations between John and his deranged foes.

The set pieces are basic, it’s all quite predictable what’s going to happen to whom, and everything The Horde brings to the table we’ve seen before in other movies. The movie blends horror and action tropes with good timing and pace, though. There’s not a dull moment once the action gets going. The Horde is a thoroughly brutal movie, both on the action and horror front. There’s an excessive display of gore and some other nasty stuff. On the upside, none of the unappetizing scenes are drawn out voyeuristically. In the action department, people are killed by burning arrows and booby traps, there’s a couple of good hand-to-hand-combat scenes, explosions and even a car chase.

John Logan is the lead actor of the movie and spent most of his career starring in C-grade horror movies. That’s too bad, because he presents himself as a veritable action hero in The Horde and would probably be able to shine in this type of roles when given more opportunities. His character goes into full Rambo mode as he decimates his foes with a bow or just pure muscle power. And just like Roadhouse’s John Dalton, he’s a charming lover, and good at ripping out his enemies’ throats. The rest of the cast plays their part well enough, with a nice supporting role for Vernon Wells as talkative cannibal.

The Horde is a very entertaining blend of nasty horror and brutal action, even though that’s the only original thing it brings to the table.

2 thoughts on “The Horde (2016)

  1. Holy crap this looks like a horror version of 2006’s The Marine with John Cena and Kelly Carlson! I will check this out and will probably laugh. To be honest, revenge horror movies all fail when you see a movie like Mandy. It’s better when revenge flicks have unpredictability, especially in a horror setting.

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